Introducing Simply Charming Everyday – What’s in your Bunkie?

What's in your bunkieHello everyone,

I have something super adorable to share with you! Have you ever watched one of the YouTube videos from beauty bloggers? Sometimes they show what they are carrying around in their purse. We thought that we can use the same idea in the crafty world, but instead of purse, we are showing what we have in our Bunkie bag.

Denise, or Momma how we call her, sells the most amazing crafty bags that I’ve ever seen. All are handmade with lots of love in the most adorable patterns that you can imagine. She now has her own website, which is why we are sharing what we have in our Bunkies.

Can you hear my excitement? I’m so glad that I found them…. but be careful, it’s addicting πŸ˜‰

Check out her store here: Simply Charming Everyday website

And do you know what’s even better? You can win a $20 gift certificate to her store just by leaving a comment on everyone’s blog by May 26, 2017

You want to see more Bunkies? No problem! These amazing ladies are sharing some Bunkie love here:

Now it’s your turn. Share with us what’s in your Bunkie? πŸ˜›



    I need one of these….so much room for all our goodies!

  2. Josefine, it’s so fun seeing all of your Bunkies again!

    Hugs! mama

  3. Ok, every blog I go to has a Bunkie bag I like more than the last. I NEED one of these (or ten) in my life.

  4. Love this and all the gorgeous bags by Simply Charming Charlie. I have a little bunkie an I store my craft supplies in when go to a craft night. Love them all. So many beautiful designs.

  5. So much fun! Love all your bags!

  6. Janice Spaulding

    So neat seeing what you keep in your Bunkie bags! I am ordering 3.

  7. Oooh…pretty!

  8. I love your MISTI pouch! OMG, that is my favorite fabric! LOVED your video, you are HYSTERICAL! Love you!

  9. I was beginning to worry what a bunkie was….lol love it and love all the different uses for one

  10. They are all beautiful. How could one ever choose

  11. Each picture of storage makes the decision to buy one (or 5+) of these super simple. They style is perfect for just about anything.

  12. Love those fabrics! Good ideas for project and stamp storage. 😊

  13. Donna Jean Eno

    Amazing bags. Love all the prints.

  14. tammy fletcher

    Just love these bags…..the flowers are awesome

  15. Such cute frabic and awesome bags

  16. Bunkies and Denise are priceless! I keep one in the car – you never know when the urge to craft might hit – and the scissors and gum I keep in mine have come in handy more than once!

  17. These Bunkies are adorable.
    I’ve never seen them before..
    Great looking design fabrics..

  18. LOL!! Josefine you are funny. I wasn’t thinking dirty until you said it!!! LOL, now I can’t stop laughing. Great video and I love all of your bunkies!!

  19. The Bunkie is perfect for crafters,,, I love seeing all the ideas for using them.

  20. Natalie Godfrey

    I want one! These are so adorable.

  21. Love seeing all the
    bags and I don’t
    have one yet, but
    I’d put lots of
    card making goodies
    in it.
    Carla from Utah

  22. I can’t believe you can fit an elephant in your bunkie.

    Sew cute.

  23. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Bunkies. Love the fabric on your 2nd and 3rd ones. I think I need a zippered bag for my Misti.

  24. Mary Holshouser

    Both bags are so pretty but I especially
    like the bag with the sentiments. It’s
    positive reinforcement when you are
    down and need a pick-me-up.
    thanks for the chance to win a bag.

  25. Shannon Livesey

    Love these… now to go to the website and shop!

  26. These bags so bright and cheery! I think I need one for my Misti – AND my Copics – AND…… LOL

  27. I need one of those mini bags now to go with my airmail junkie bunkie.

  28. Really cute bags! I’ve been looking for a pouch for my MISTI!

  29. Karen Hightower

    What wonderful bags. I love all the patterned. You have lots of room in them too. πŸ™‚

  30. I love Bunkie bags! Love the new website!

  31. I love each bag I see. How useful these are.

  32. I will be starting my collection of these bags real soon. Your pattern choices are fabulous. They look so much like the artwork of Laurel Burch. So colorful and marvelous how these two patterns work with each other nicely. I’m excited about these bags for so many things, stamping, knitting, snack goodies (cheese and crackers, fruit and of course a little chocolate right. What’s life for a girl without an abundance of bags and her favorite chocolates right? Just love them all. . .

  33. Milene Tiberius

    Love your bunkies!! The mini MISTI pouch looks amazing as well! One of each, please!!!! πŸ˜€

  34. Such beautiful bags! I’m going to need one….or more!

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