Welcome to The Maker Deli


The Maker DeliSomeone pinch me, I still can’t believe what is about to happen. I always dreamed about having my own store and now it’s about to come true – at least as an online version of it. I’m super excited that you are going to be part of my journey with The Maker Deli – your new online store for art journaling and mixed media supplies. 

The Maker Deli

Today, we are starting slow. I’m opening the doors, so you can take a look around, get some inspiration and find the first supplies that I’m going to be carrying. During the next weeks, I will add a few more items and iron out some things and then, we will have the Grand Opening – more on that coming soon.

What’s the difference of The Maker Deli you wonder? This online store is not just “a store”. Here, I want to share with you all of the unique and one-of-a-kind mixed media supplies that I got to love myself. Similar to a food deli, you can find those things that you don’t get anywhere else. It’s also a source of inspiration with technique ideas, tutorials and videos coming out on a regular basis. I’m calling them Art Recipes and you can find them in my Recipe Book.

Enough talk for now. Let’s get started.

Check out my new store here.

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