Video: My Top 5 Craft Supplies for Art Journaling


Hello everyone 🙂

I have another Top 5 video for you: my top 5 craft supplies for art journaling. Woohoo!

I tried not to grab my favorite paints, but tell you something about my favorite “tools” that I’m using instead.

Number 1 – Finnabair Silikon Brush 2″

I use this brush for Gesso mainly. It’s super nice to spread the Gesso with it, you can add some texture, if you want and it’s super durable so far.

Number 2 – Mister Bottle

Finding a good and inexpensive mister bottle wasn’t easy till I found this three pack on Amazon. I love them and I’m glad I didn’t spend $7 for a much smaller version. 😉

Number 3 – Kirkland Baby Wipes

Again, I tried so many baby wipe brands when I started with art journaling. Then I heard someone recommending the Kirkland Baby Wipes and since then I won’t use anything else!

Number 4 – Derwent Watercolor Pencils

My go-to pen for outlining stamped or adhered images in my art journal pages! Super easy to spread and you actually get medium onto the page and don’t have to go over the area over and over again.

Number 5 – Dreamweaver Texture Paste

I love texture pastes! If I have an addiction for one craft supply, it’s texture pastes… The Dreamweaver matte in black and white are my go-to pastes. If I would have to pick just one, it would be them.

Where can you find all this?

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 craft supplies for art journaling. If you have missed last week’s video for my top 5 craft supplies for card making, check them out here.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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