Unboxing of the Stamp of Approval – Lovely Notes Collection

Unboxing of the Stamp of Approval - Lovely NotesWell, hello there. I’m sharing a quick unboxing of the Stamp of Approval – Lovely Notes collection today. I just got home from work and there it was, waiting for me in the mailbox 🙂

I really liked this one and I think this is going to be my favorite so far. The butterfly stamp in there is just gorgeous and the background stamp has such a unique pattern. I’m totally in aaaw with the content of that box 🙂

But I don’t want to tease you too much. You can see all the stamps for your self in my “short” unboxing video:

I just checked her website: http://cpstampofapproval.com/
It looks like there are still boxes available (it’s Friday evening PST for me). So go check it out, if you liked the stamps in the box. I feel that it is really worth it. Btw, I’m not affiliated with her and I paid this box in full. I’m just doing it, because I really like the stamps.

I hope you enjoyed my short video of the unboxing of the Stamp of Approval – Lovely Notes collection! I can’t wait to see all of the cards that will pop up soon! 🙂


  1. How do you sign up to receive a monthly box like this and do you have a ballpark cost,or does it vary?

    • Hi Janet, this is not a monthly subscription box. It comes out every few months but you don’t need to buy it, if you don’t like the content. Catherine Pooler also announces the content in her videos before the box is available. You can find all the details about costs and frequency on her page: http://cpstampofapproval.com/

      If this box is sold out, you can sign up to be on the wait list for the next one. You’ll receive an email as soon as the new box is out.

  2. Thanks for showing the unboxing of SOA. Looks like so many things you could do with those stamp sets and dies. Have fun crafting.

    • There are so many options with these collections. Just go to Instagram or Pinterest and you can see all the amazing creations from SoA owners 🙂

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