This must be the place – A project for Nathalie Kalbach


Even small pieces of art can tell a big story. I love working on tags and playing with the smaller real estate. This one was the perfect size to create some dimension without it looking too busy.

Do you want to hear the story of this tag? Then read till the end 😉

I started with a mono printed background. I used a 5×7 Gel Press and added several colors of PaperArtsy paint on top. The second layer uses the same technique, but in a slightly different way. This time I used one of the Petite Gel Press plates and added the paint through the Kassel and the Hamburg stencil. First the round one and then again with a square plate. While I was at it, I created a few more backgrounds on sandwich paper, some of them which I used for this project later on.
This must be the place Nathalie Kalbach

So far, I was “just playing around”. That’s what I like about mono printing – you don’t need a goal. But here I started to see what I wanted my project to look like. I was envisioning a porch with other houses and a scenery in the background. I didn’t want to stamp actual houses, so I created the idea of them by stamping the windows and the door from the My Home is My Castle set.
This must be the place Nathalie Kalbach

I needed something in the background though. After looking at all the houses and buildings from Nathalie’s stamp sets, I picked lady liberty. I stamped her with black ink and colored her lightly with Pitt pens in grey and green.

Then I cut out a few circles from the other backgrounds and stamped the Adirondack chairs on two of them. I adhered both to the bottom of the tag and colored the chairs with Liquitex Paint pens.
This must be the place Nathalie Kalbach

I added some shadows around the chairs and the circles and scribbled a love poem from Shakespeare around the circles as well.
This must be the place Nathalie Kalbach

Now that I had my porch with the two Adirondack chairs I needed a sentiment. I imagined an old couple sitting on that porch, enjoying their lives together. They have seen everything they wanted and are now spending the rest of their days together, just the two of them. “This must be the place.” Yes, the Love sentiment was the perfect finishing touch.
This must be the place Nathalie Kalbach

Here is the finished project. Can you see them sitting there, smiling?
This must be the place Nathalie Kalbach

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