Art Recipe: Weekly spread in my Canvo bullet journal

The Maker Deli - Weekly spread in my Canvo bullet journal

Time for some “just for fun” projects, yay! I wanted to play in my Canvo bullet journal a bit, so I decided to create my weekly spread while testing some new supplies. I also used a variety of stamps and stencils that are perfect for bullet journaling from my store The Maker Deli. Thankfully, I remembered to put up my camera, so here’s a quick video showing how the bullet journal spread came together. Not one of my fanciest projects, but I definitely had fun. At the end, I actually liked that page. Nothing flashy or exciting, but some settle…


Art Recipe: What to do with your clean up pages in your art journal?

How do you get from this: to this: This is what today’s Art Recipe is all about. What can you do with those art journal clean up pages that you have used to clean up your brayer, get rid of access paint or test some new stamps? Check out how my very busy and let’s say awful page turns into a gorgeous story about fantasy adventures. For those of you who haven’t heard about my latest adventure yet, check out this blog post or the Facebook live here. To summarize, I opened my own art journal and mixed media supplies…


Welcome to The Maker Deli

The Maker Deli

Someone pinch me, I still can’t believe what is about to happen. I always dreamed about having my own store and now it’s about to come true – at least as an online version of it. I’m super excited that you are going to be part of my journey with The Maker Deli – your new online store for art journaling and mixed media supplies.  Today, we are starting slow. I’m opening the doors, so you can take a look around, get some inspiration and find the first supplies that I’m going to be carrying. During the next weeks, I…