The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 10 – Journal about your Day

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 10

Welcome to a new page in my Stencilfied Journal. I’m a little behind (again…) and prompt 10 is actually from 2 weeks ago. But I finally had the time to edit everything and write the blog post 😉 The Stencilfied Journal prompt 10 is all about journaling about your day and all my last days are about staying on track and checking off items in my humongous to-do list (not just at work, also private… phew). That’s why the “You got this” stencil was the perfect sentiment for this page. I started by randomly picking some Dina Wakley paints and…


Welcome to the Art Journaling YouTube Hop

Art Journaling YouTube hop

Yay, the day we all have been waiting for (well, at least me 😉 ) is finally here! Welcome to the Art Journaling YouTube hop, organized by the amazing Keren Tamir and she is accompanied by incredible artists. And to top it all off, we have a long list of vendors that all sponsored prices for you – but more on that in a little bit. I’m super excited to be part of this incredible line up of artists and can’t wait to hear from you how you liked the hop. The idea was to create a page that reflects…


Nathalie Studio Creative Squad post – all shapes and sizes

All Shapes and Sizes with Nathalie Kalbach

I’m super excited about this month’s theme All Shapes and Sizes. I love shapes and it’s so much fun to incorporate them in my art journal. If I would have to pick a favorite shape, it’s definitely circles. I constantly draw circles and add bubbles to my projects. That’s why I decided to emphasize them even more for this theme. I started by picking some random mono prints. I have a huge stack of them and thought that they are perfect for adding random marks and then cutting them into shapes. In addition, I selected a few Art Foamies foam…


The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 5 – Stencil a Mirrored Image

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 5 – Stencil a Mirrored Image

Happy 4th of July (if you’re from the US 😉 )! We are 5 weeks into the Stencilfied Journal collaboration between StencilGirl and Tina Walker and this week’s prompt is about mirrored images. Stencils are perfect for creating a mirrored image in your art journal. I picked Sandee Setliff’s new tea stencils as well as the Spirit Swirl from Valerie Sjodin, which I think fits perfectly as the steam of the tea. I started by creating a background in light colors. Just a little wash with Butter and then a layer of Tangerine Twist blended with a dry brush through…


We always think we’ll have time with Visible Image

we always think we'll have time with visible image

Yay, I’m back with a new project for Visible Image. I’m super excited to be finally working with some of the new stencils and the somewhere in time stamp. Unfortunately my camera didn’t record, so there won’t be a video for this art journal page. I’m sorry 🙁 I started by spreading just a little bit of Dylusions paint onto my art journal page. I just wanted to cover the middle of the page a little. Then I added the same shades first through the “Collision” stencil and then through the “Count me in” stencil. I liked the background stamp…


The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 4 – My Least Favorite Color

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 4

Wow, this is becoming a real challenge 😉 The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 4 is to work with your least favorite color. My least favorite color? I don’t really have a least favorite color… (Btw, what is yours?) I decided to go with a color that I can only handle in tiny bits, as a splash of color – red. And boy is this page red 😀 I started by filling the background with Dylusions paint in Postbox Red and then spray with the same shade a little bit onto the edges. While I was filling the blank pages, I realized…


The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 3 – Incorporating Nature

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 3

Hi and welcome to the stencilfied journal prompt 3 collaboration between StencilGirl and Tina Walker. This week’s prompt is all about including nature by adding a leave to the art journal page. That is something I definitely have never done before. I’m excited to see if my leave and with it the page will change over time, once the leave actually dries. The fun part of this page for me was that I combined a nature theme and added mathematical stenciling to the page. I kind of like this contrast and at the same time I got to try the…


Inside Outside art journal page for n*studio

Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

Hi everyone! The Inside Outside theme took me onto a journey. At the beginning, I wanted to create something around Winter vs Summer or a similar contrasting theme, but then I started working in my art journal and it moved into a different direction. Basically, I created a page about myself and the contrast of me at work and me at the craft table. But more on that later 😉 I started with a page that already had a few “clean up” marks on it from a Gel Press session that I had. I decided to use the round Gel…


The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 2 – A tied up art journal page

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 2

Hi everyone, welcome to the Stencilfied Journal prompt 2 – a collaboration between StencilGirl and Tina Walker. Every week, Tina is releasing a new prompt and this week is involving mother nature. We have to create a journal page and then tie it to something outside. A little scary, but I have my fingers crossed that it won’t rain here in Southern California 😉 For this prompt, I ripped out the middle page of my journal already before I started. This way it was a little easier to work on it and I didn’t need to worry that I might…


Vacation Mode with n*studio

Vacation mode with Nathalie Kalbach

Last month’s n*studio topic “Vacation Mode” got me thinking. It’s been a while since I have been on a vacation and there is none in sight either. So, I decided for myself that if you can’t go on vacation, shopping is the next best thing. And trust me, I am good at that 😉 I was at one of the big box stores the other day and couldn’t pass the paint and paper aisles without grabbing a few items. To make sure that they don’t end up in a drawer unused, I incorporated them in my new art journal page.…