Snarktoberfest 2018 Feature: Ranger Ink Dylusions

Snarktoberfest 2018 Feature Ranger
Hey my Snarksters (yeah, I made that up for you 😉 ). We are celebrating like there is no tomorrow. I have seen the first snarky projects from you on Instagram and Facebook and I have to say, they are AWESOME!!! I can’t wait what else you come up with till the end of SnarktoberFest. Don’t forget to use #SnarktoberFest and #SnarktoberFest2018 and I’ll pick a random winner on October 31st. That winner gets a snarky Bunkie Bag (What is a Bunkie Bag? Check out this video and/ or the Simply Charming Bags website.).

Speaking of winners. The winner of the $15 gift card for Finders Keepers from our last feature is: Denise Hartley!!! Congratulations!!! I’ll send you an email.


On to feature number 2: Ranger Ink
You are probably all familiar with their Dylusions line and all the snarky stamps, stickers and what not. Ranger also sponsored two stamp sets, so we will have TWO WINNERS for this feature – whaaat? The winner can pick one of the snarky sentiment sets from Dyan Reaveley. This giveaway is for US participants only. Just leave a comment here on my blog post and tell me what your favorite snarky saying is (anything – whatever comes to your mind first 😉 ). I want to hear them all 🙂
I pick a winner right before the next feature goes live on October 10.

Because today is also World Card Making Day, I had to make several cards using the sentiment stamps and coloring sheets.
Snarktoberfest Ranger
All the backgrounds were made during the same mono printing session but I then decorated all of them slightly different. Check out my video to see what I did here:

Supplies Used

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Snarktoberfest Calendar

Here are all the dates for the features throughout October. Every feature will have it’s own giveaway, so sign up for my newsletter (in the sidebar of my blog – or on mobile a little further down) to get an email once the blog posts go live.

  • October 3: Finders Keepers
  • October 6: Ranger Ink
  • October 10: So Suzy Crackerbox Stamps
  • October 13: PaperArtsy
  • October 17: StencilGirl
  • October 20: Art Impressions
  • October 24: This one is going to be a surprise 😉
  • October 27: Two Lips
  • October 31: Big Final

Close Ups

snarktoberfest Ranger

snarktoberfest Ranger

snarktoberfest Ranger

snarktoberfest Ranger

snarktoberfest Ranger

snarktoberfest Ranger

snarktoberfest Ranger


  1. Wow! Sooooo hard to pick just one but Everything’s Rosy is one of my favorites! I love the whimsical flowers and it’s so versatile 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. One of my go to snarkisms is “Well, that went over like a lead balloon.” Wow, a stamp set with this sentiment and an image or two would be very fun!

  3. Linnea Sundstrom

    my favorite snarky sentiment is: “Have a Day!” especially when people don’t respond to a greeting 😀

  4. My favorite is “Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed”. Love all your snarky sayings.

  5. My favorite snarky Dyan saying is “ cancel my subscription I don’t need your issues!

    Thanks for always being such an inspiration !

  6. “Don’t get me started. This model doesn’t come with brakes!” has been a favourite of mine for a long time. That needs to be on a stamp.

  7. “Don’t give me attitude.. I already have it.”
    I really like these cards; they’re bright and sassy and pretty quick to pull together.

  8. My favorite snarky Dyanism is “Be you. The world will adjust.”

  9. From an old Peanuts comic: “I love humanity. It’s people I can’t stand.”



  11. Angelica Chambers

    My favorite saying is “Out of my way, I have my sassy britches on!” Hehe! That explains my sassy attitude most days! I need to get a hold of these fun bright paints from Dylusions! Such pretty bright colors to match up with the SASSY SNARKY sayings!

  12. Thank you for teaching me your Techniques I just love the way you made those cards


  13. WONDERFUL!!! I love anything that’s comes out of Dylan’s mouth. She is toooo funny.

  14. Christine Bednarek

    Dyan just cracks me up… my favorite line from class. Here’s a straw, suck it up and move on.

  15. I have tons of dylusions paint and now I can use it…thanks for the tutorial! My kids kept asking me every night what was for dinner. After many nights of being asked I said “shit”. That was the answer until one night the three boys ganged up on me and said “this is good shit. really liked dinner. Now I just laugh when I am asked!!

  16. My favorite is. Be you the rest of the world will adjust

  17. One of my favorites is “just because they’re into drama doesn’t mean you have to attend the show”.

  18. Lovely inking on all
    your cards. If one sheep
    jumps off the cliff, are
    you going to follow?
    Carla from Utah

  19. Talk to the hand not this face…
    My snarkleness needs help! LOL

  20. Love the gel press techniques. A favorite comment is “we never grow up; we just learn to behave in public!”

  21. Pamela R Levingston

    My favorite snarky saying is “Oh really. You know what that sounds like? Not my problem.” I love playing with my gel press and I loved watching you play.

  22. Mine is, I refuse to battle wits with an unarmed person. Love the gel press…love Ranger products

  23. I really appreciate you showing us exactly how you made all your backgrounds and how you kept adding to the layers. I really am enjoying Snarktoberfest and am trying to watch as many videos as I can!

  24. I love Dyan. She is definitely one of us. She is always so much fun and such an amazing talent. It’s impossible to pick just one. I love:

    I’m sick of people. They’re everywhere.
    Look both ways before crossing a woman.

  25. Hey woman! I love all these cards and the gorgeous background colors – sooo pretty! Well like most everyone else commenting it is very hard to pick just one, however I’m going with “I will never be a well behaved woman” 🙂

  26. These are all amazing and you know I LOVE the snark!
    My favorite snarky saying: You make me wish I had more middle fingers!

  27. Love your cards and those sentiments are awesome! So many fun snarky sayings but this one made me laugh today, “Relax … we’re all crazy … it’s not a competition.”

  28. LOVE snark!! My favorite – let me check my giveashit-o-meter….nope, nothing

  29. Just came across you from IG and just LOVE your beautiful and colorful creations. You are about to exceed the limits of my medication is a favorite. And all too true! 😂 thanks for sharing!

  30. Jeanine Du Plessis

    I super love this, Dyane’s snarky saying are perfect! Red isn’t really my jam, but man, it just spoke to me here! It’s gorgeous! You’re an amazing artist!

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