Review of new Jane Davenport products from Michael’s


Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints
You might have seen it already, Michael’s introduced some new mixed media items. They are all from Jane Davenport and range from art journals, to coloring mediums, washi tape, stencils, stamps and more. I got my hands on a few items (I still need those butterfly markers :P) and wanted to share my first impression with you 😀

I’m not good in painting anything remotely realistic, that’s why I was super happy to find a face stencil inside the acrylic paints. And coloring a face seemed to be a good idea for testing the paints. Because the acrylic paints didn’t come with a black, I used my Dylusions paint for the stencil lines.
Jane Davenport Face Stencil with Dylusions paint

Then I used the lightest of the skin tones and started coloring the face.
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints

I have to say that I was plesently surprised to see the good coverage and smooth texture of the paint. Just FYI, I’m using Strathmore Mixed Media paper from the 300 series for this experiment.
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints

Then I added a few shadows with the darker skin tone color. I also colored the eyes and lips. Isn’t that blue just breath taking???
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints

After I was done coloring everything I had to reapply the black color through the stencil.
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints and stencil

I had quite some paint left on my craft mat, so I just smeared it onto a page in the butterfly journal. As you can see, the acrylic paint is opaque and you can’t see anything through the lighter colors.
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints in Butterfly Journal

Now I was in a play mood, so I added some of the tissue shapes to the messy page.
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints in Butterfly Journal an Tissue Paper

And added some of the rub-ons and washi tape on top.
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints in Butterfly Journal and Rub-Ons

What did I like?

After one night of playing with the acrylic paints, I’m very happy with them. I like the tones, all of them, and the matte and smooth finish. They are easy to apply and dry super fast.

I do like that the paints come with stencils. The neutral colors have the face with them and the “mermaid” palette has a scale stencil.

The rub-ons are easy to apply and stay in place and the washi tape is super sticky. There is no need to add gel medium to it 😛

What was not that good?

I didn’t like the brushes that came with the acrylic paint. It seems like they are rather cheap and after just a few strikes mine already lost the first bristles.

Two of my paint tubes were broken at the top. One already at the beginning, the other broke while I was squeezing paint out of it. It’s fixable with some scotch tape, still nothing I would have expected.
Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints

I didn’t like that none of the products came with more detailed descriptions. For example, the add-ons for the butterfly journal don’t explain how you actually use it with the journal. There are video from Jane Davenport herself on YouTube though.

Overall Satisfaction

I love the colors of the acrylic paints, as well as the texture and that they dry that fast, I will just use my own brushes from now on 😉

I totally like the stencils and all the little gimmicks. It’s super fun to play with all of them! And because you can get them at Michael’s with coupons, all the products are also very affordable.

I hope you enjoyed my quick review. Go and check out Michael’s for Jane’s products. There are a lot more fun items available!

Supplies Used

Except for my Liquitex gel medium and the Black Marble Dylusions paint, I used only products and supplies from the new Jane Davenport line from Michael’s.

Close Ups

Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints

Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints

Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints in Butterfly Journal

Jane Davenport Acrylic Paints in Butterfly Journal


  1. I love the paints and the colours but my tubes also cracked at the top. I lost a lot of paint which was disappointing as the paint was not exactly cheap.

    • Since the review nearly all of my tubes are cracked… too bad that the great paint is packaged in such cheap tubes :/

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