Review : Art-C The Groove Blending Machine & Mini Haul

The Groove ToolHello everyone! I was a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s today and bought some add-ons for my way too small stash of paper crafting tools (not…). One of the items I ran over by accident is the ‘groove’ tool from Art-C. I’m always a little skeptic with tools I haven’t seen or heard anything about before. But it was $20 and with the regular Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon even better. The packaging says that it is perfect for mixed media projects. It looks a little bit like my face cleanser brush, but the heads are totally different (nothing for your face πŸ˜‰ ). Included are two sand paper heads, one is very rough, the other just a little, one brush for paint, and one foam head for ink. You can also buy separate heads for $2.99, I believe. Because I’m using the ranger blending tool already and bought a ton of blending foams (one for each ink pad), I wanted to keep using them and not buy the same amount of heads for the groove again. As I’m not really into mixed media, I thought that I can just use one of the sand paper heads, add velcro, and keep using my ranger blending foam.

The Groove – Test

Later at home and after finding two AA batteries (you need them) I removed the the sand paper head, added some velcro, and voila here is my DYI automatic blending tool.New Head
Now on to testing. First I wanted to see, if the ink foam is better than the ones from ranger, so I picked two distress inks (abandoned coral and wilted violet) and started blending. Ink Foam Blending
To be honest, I was not very impressed at the beginning. It definitely takes the ink very good and also blends it on the paper, but blending the two colors together didn’t work.

Next try, my DYI automatic ranger blending tool. I wanted to try Dye ink first (Simon Says Stamp Duckling and Lawn Fawn Pumpkin Spice). That worked a lot better. I know how much work it is to blend Dye ink ‘by hand’. Mine always hurt afterwards…Dye ink blending
While I was preparing the distress inks, I realized something. Maybe the foam didn’t blend as good, because I used two colors that are hard to blend in general? So I tried wilted violet and seedless preserved (both distress inks) instead. Distress ink blending
Much better! I love how that turned out.

Here are both together:
Ranger Blending Foam

My Thoughts

After playing with The Groove a little bit, it doesn’t leave me in awe, but I will definitely use it again. It makes ink blending so much easier, because you don’t need to press the tool down all the time, also the machine moves the pad for you. This will keep my hands from cramping a lot! But to get the last touch of perfection manual blending will still be a part of creating a background or other images (at least for me). Plus, I think this is a great machine for people who have issues with their hands (carpal tunnel, etc.) and are not able to blend with the ranger blending tool at all.
The Groove DYI

The Haul

Besides buying stuff that I just found in the store, I actually started my trip to Hobby Lobby for something else. Jennifer McGuire talked about a new product from Minc the other day, the Minc Toner Ink Pen (I got it t Hobby Lobby and was able to use the 40% off coupon). She introduced it as a pen that writes with toner ink so you can add foil to you handwritten/ hand drawn projects. Plus you can add some of this to your stamped images and run it through the Minc machine afterwards. Minc Toner Ink Marker

And I finally got enabled and bought the fuse tool at Michael’s with their current 50% off coupon. Woohoo πŸ™‚
Project Life Fuse Tool
I haven’t tried both, but will let you know what I think about it in a later article.

I hope you enjoyed my review and got some ideas for your next shopping tour πŸ˜‰

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  1. Thank you for your review of the Groove tool. It sounds like something I’d buy and use due to arthritis and carpal tunnel.

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