StencilGirl collaboration – ReSketch Journal

Stencilgirl colaboration with resketch journals
Hi everyone and welcome to a super fun collaboration with StencilGirl, organized by the amazing Tina Walker. Tina came up with the idea to finish a journal using only one color. For the journals we used resketch journals. These are a bit different as they use reclaimed paper, which sometimes already has a pattern on it. I had a hard time choosing a color and went back and forth between greens, blues, and so on. At the end, I picked orange because this was the color where I had the most paint tubes and ink sprays from.

I’m thrilled that Tina invited me to this collaboration. But there are so many other talented artists that you should definitely check out. You can find them all on the StencilGirl blog. In addition, here is the list of all the ones that put together a blog post on their own:

  1. Tina Walker
  2. Marsha Valk
  3. Cynthia Silveri
  4. Lisa Dobry
  5. Starting Over Studio
  6. Happily We Go
  7. Michele Kosciolek
  8. Anna Friesen

Give away

If you stop by all of these blogs and leave a comment we have a little THANK YOU for you for stopping by. We are giving away a random selection of resketch journals AND a $25 StencilGirl® gift certificate to ONE LUCKY PERSON!

Make sure to comment below on my blog and all the others as well to let us know you’ve visited. Also, let us know what color your journal would be. Orange like mine? Or something entirely different? Visit each artist(s) blog for more chances to win! (comments due no later than April 28th midnight EST).

We will pick ONE winner on April 29th, 2019 so watch the StencilGirl blog to see if you are a winner!

Resketch journal in orange

But now on to my journal. I made a quick video that shows how I finished up a few of the pages and then flips through the entire journal.

Close ups

And here are pictures of my favorite pages from my journal.
Stencilgirl colaboration with resketch journals

Stencilgirl colaboration with resketch journals

Stencilgirl colaboration with resketch journals

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this collaboration with StencilGirl and resketch journals.


  1. I love how bright your journal is. I don’t normally use much orange but you’ve inspired me!

  2. Thanks for the info about the journal itself, I like the idea of the reclaimed paper and I like what you’ve done with the triangle shaped pages. My journal would be turquoise.

  3. What a novel approach you’ve taken! I love your color choice and the way you made the entire journal interplay with itself!

  4. My original comment doesn’t seem to have posted. If I’m repeating, please forgive me. I love your innovative way of treating this journal. Your triangular pages allow the entire journal to interact with itself – and with your viewers. Wonderful work! (My color choice would probably be blue, though I really love what you’ve done with the orange!)

  5. What a beautiful journal. I don’t care much for orange but you used it beautifully. I would use turquoise.

  6. I LOVE THIS! I love the orange, love the triangle solution, the black and white contrast/opposites, the interactive nature of your album….beautiful. Never thought i was a fan of orange but love what you created here. thank you for sharing!

  7. I love that you chose orange and how you modified the journal! So beautiful. Thank you for joining me. ♥

  8. Michele Kosciolek


  9. So many cool aspects to this… love how you altered the journal to make it totally unique and the color choice is very nice.

  10. Ohhh love the shades of orange too! I would choose red for sure but this is also beautiful

  11. What fun! Love the colors. Makes me smile!

  12. Josefine, it’s been a wonderful experience working with you on this collaboration! And I love it that we picked the same color! What a beautiful journal! I especially love your use of silhouettes to add focal imagery! You did an amazing job!

  13. wowza… the orange is really a dynamic color. you used it beautifully!
    Still sticking with my earthy plum but… orange…

  14. I like your use of cut pages, works well. For me aqua would be the color of choice.

  15. I’m sooooo glad your pages stuck together Josephine!!! You would never have come up with this awesomeness if they hadn’t. Gosh, I love this so much!!

  16. Love all the different elements you used, and you’re making me want to break out the oranges!

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