Recollections Ombre Inks on a Thank You Card


Today, while I was cleaning my craft area, I realized that I haven’t made a card making video in forever. So I grabbed some items that I have a bought a few weeks ago and haven’t used yet: my two Recollections Ombre Inks. I got them on sale at Michael’s and was curious how these are, especially because I didn’t own an ombre ink pad so far, so the entire idea was new to me. I tried to find a link to these ink pads, but haven’t found them on the website, sorry. Maybe they still have them in store. I guess that other brands would work similar. In case you can’t find the Michael’s ones, try a different brand 😉

To cut a long story short, here is my new card making video:

I hope you enjoyed this quick card. The stamps are all from the Stamp of Approval Lovely Notes Collection.

Here is the card:
Recollections Ombre Inks

And here are some close-ups for you:
Close Up 1

Close Up 2


  1. Absolutely beautiful, I really love those two colors together!

    • Thank you, Lori! I never tried blue and orange as a combination before, but this is probably not the last time 😉

  2. First time I have watched one of your video’s. You have a delightful laugh!! Love this beautiful card. Now I must watch more!

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