Video Walk Through Large Dylusions Art Journal

Well, hello there!

I was very quiet the last weeks and I’m sorry for that! There was just so much to do at my actual work (the one that pays for my hobby 😉 ) and I didn’t have any time to do something crafty.

I was visiting a Dyan Reaveley class at Scrapbooking Forever this weekend and wanted to show you what we did to our large Dylusions art journal. It was an amazing class! I learned so much techniques for my art journal and how to be less critical with my work (let’s see how long that lasts…lol). I highly recommend her classes. Whenever you have the chance to go, make it happen. This class changed my entire thinking about art journaling 🙂

I thought it might be easier to show the journal in a video compared to tons of pictures. So here it is:

I hope you enjoyed my video walk through of the large Dylusions art journal. Let me know, if you want to see certain techniques or a follow up of how the books looks in one month or so 🙂

Thanks for “coming by” and I hope to see you soon 😉


  1. My favorite are the first page and the last one! Beautiful <3

  2. Love them all but I’m with you on the bright one. Love the first page (green) and the soft pink ones! Great techniques especially paint lifting.

  3. I love this entire art journal! I can’t wait for you to share it when you’ve completed it!

    • Thank you, Lori 🙂
      I can’t wait either…lol. I need more time for crafting, but I work on it a couple of minutes every day. No rush here 😛

  4. Hi, new to your page but I was wondering if you could share the tag pages. The 1 with the square in the middle and 4 slots.

    Is it 1 piece of page?

    • Hi Miriam, I’m glad you found my page 🙂
      I will make a video about that page, maybe in 2 to 3 weeks. But essentially it’s 4 pages in the art journal. The two middle pages are bend to the back and then adhered to the two outer pages with strong adhesive (I used double sided adhesive). But before they are adhered together, you color them in whichever way you like. I hope that makes sense.

  5. Just found this blog and can’t wait to catch uo one the videos!

  6. I love your journal. Could you please demonstrate how you did the pages with the tags?????

    • Hi Donna, thanks for watching my video 🙂
      Which page with the tag do you mean? The ones with the waves and the tag weaves right through or the one with the pockets?

      For the first, I hope this makes sens: I used the art journal tool with the waves. I placed it into the page and followed the wave with a pencil. I tried to keep two lines closer together and the third line a little further apart. The fourth line is again close to the third line… And so on. Then I used a cutting mat, placed it behind the page and followed the pencil lines with a sharp knife. Now you have openings where you can weave the tag through.

      And for the page with the 4 pockets: I folded the edges of two pages backwards to create a triangle and then adhered it to the page behind it with double sided adhesive.

      I hope that helps!

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