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Hi everyone! The Inside Outside theme took me onto a journey. At the beginning, I wanted to create something around Winter vs Summer or a similar contrasting theme, but then I started working in my art journal and it moved into a different direction.

Basically, I created a page about myself and the contrast of me at work and me at the craft table. But more on that later 😉

I started with a page that already had a few “clean up” marks on it from a Gel Press session that I had. I decided to use the round Gel Press marks and work with those circles. I used the Toledo stencil and placed three of the stars around the two circles.
Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

I didn’t use the alignment of the stencil and created my own pattern with them. Next up, I used the same stencil and positioned it slightly off. As you can see, I didn’t cover the entire page, just a few areas that I blended out and into each other.
Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

Now I added the circles on top using a round Gel Press. I thought that the bright yellow looks like spotlights. But I didn’t like the brightness, so I added the Ornament Wallpaper pattern inside and then, while I was at it, to the left border.

Coincidentally I found this girl in a magazine. Even though she’s struggling with her hair, I thought that she fits perfectly onto my page – just switch the hairdryer with a heat gun 🙂
Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

And onto the contrast part. I work at a job where a business casual is preferred. Not that I have a problem with that, but it’s very different to how I usually am when I’m at home. Let’s just say I love to craft in my jammies…

That’s why I picked the Craftsman stamp and stamped it onto a grey piece of paper. I kept the house very clean and colored it lightly with Prismacolor pencils.
Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

At the end, I ripped the edges of the grey paper, adhered it onto my art journal page, added some black watercolor around the edges and sealed the entire page with Earl Lube paste.
Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

Now we have a clean, successful looking outside with a chaotic me in the inside 🙂
Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

On a side note, I love how the white pencil adds contrast to the Craftsman house.
Inside Outside with Nathalie Kalbach

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you’d like to see my new project for Nathalie, check out her blog here.

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