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CYCI 134Once upon a time… oh wait, before I start and you are like “What the hell is going on here?” let me explain myself. Being part of the Can You Case It Design team is super fun. For example, for this challenge we were talking about possibilities for this week’s sketch. I was asking, if dragons and unicorns count as pets as well. After a fun back and forth with Eva we decided that they do, but the post has to be imaginative. So here I am, creating a fun bedtime story, explaining how the dragon became a pet.

Once upon a time a princess was sitting near a field. Her father was gone, visiting his kingdom. That’s how it was most of the time, so she spent her days walking around the castle and sometimes sneaking out to the fields. She loved to just sit there, watch the wind blow at the spikes of wheat and listen to the rustling sound of the stems.

She felt the difference in the wind today. Normally it’s a happy whistling, today the wind sounded sad and quiet. She was looking around, trying to figure out why the wind was so upset as she heard a loud rustling next to her. She jumped to the side, scared and already wanted to run back to the castle when a little, green nose appeared between the wheat. It was sniffing around and pointing into her direction. Two curious eyes following and looking at her. The princess turned around, kneeled down and watched the thing. Inch after inch it came out of the wheat field, carefully watching the princess. First she saw one leg, then the other. A wing popped out and when the entire creature was standing in front of her she realized, this is a dragon. One of these rare mysteries her father told her about. She slowly got up and walked towards the dragon. It was huge, minimum three times taller than her. But the eyes were curious and friendly, not mean at all.

Fairy Tale Card

From the first second she touched the nose and started caressing the dragon both knew they won’t leave each other’s side anymore. She had a friend, finally. She found a companion that she could share her life with. All of the sudden the days didn’t seem to be isolated anymore. After a while of running around in the fields, playing around and being silly the princess knew that she had to get back to the castle. But how could she explain the dragon? She couldn’t hide it as big as it was. She went down on all fours, indicating to the dragon to do the same, and crawled quietly through the wall. The dragon wasn’t as quiet. Big as it was it bumped against carts and the wings were waving high up in the air. The residents of the castle were all looking at the dragon, wondering why it walks like that till they saw the little princess leading the dragon to the castle. They turned around grinning about the cute picture these two made.

Back in the castle, the princess was trying to hide the green dragon behind the armor that was aligned at the wall. She didn’t realize that the king already saw her and observed her effort to stuff the dragon behind the shiny armor. When she walked into his chamber, she looked worried, so the king tried to make a serious face and mindfully listen to her. With flailing arms she explained how she met the scaled friend and how scared she was at first, but then realized that it is in need of someone who cares about it. She didn’t realize that the dragon was already behind her, listening to what she was saying. When the dragon leaned its head to the side the king wasn’t able to keep his face straight anymore. He grabbed his daughter and hugged her, whispering in her ear “I’m glad that you are safe and have a companion that takes care of you.” Both turned around and looked at the smiling dragon. “What name do you want to give it?” he asked. “Growly”, she answered, “because it makes such fun growling sounds when hunting a butterfly.”

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I hope you enjoyed my little story for this week’s CYCI Design Team card. I hope to see you over there with your card 🙂


  1. Epic tales! Fabulous card, I really enjoyed the story! 🙂 Thanks for being completely you! 🙂 Eva

  2. What a creative and clever story, and the card can be used as illustration! Beautiful!

  3. Great story and super great card! Love it! Jeanne

  4. Josefine, Your card is so stinking cute and your story is ADORABLE!! You are so clever!! Char

  5. What a great story to go with your fun card. Awesome job!

  6. Beautiful card and a gorgeous tale Josefine. I really do just adore that card!! Chlo x

  7. Everything about this is just amazing!! I love it from your post, to the card, just everything!

  8. So much fun, and so much cuteness! Love it!

  9. Love the awesome story to go with the amazing card! Awesome!

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