Get Wrapped – Art journal blog hop with Emerald Creek, PaperArtsy, Seth Apter and Eileen Hull


Get Wrapped Eileen Seth Blog HopOh my, I’m so excited about the Get Wrapped blog hop which is a collaboration between Emerald Creek, PaperArtsy, Seth Apter and Eileen Hull. I love hops like this where everyone has the same base and then you can see how differently the topic is interpreted.

The paints Seth sent me had a medieval flair to them, so I decided to go with that theme. I found some stencils that had matching patterns, including some little buttons from Emerald Creek that were perfect for the opening and closing mechanism. Needless to say that I had a blast playing with my favorite paints and embossing powders, plus I’m a huge fan of medieval things. When I lived in Germany, I enjoyed the architecture that is still visible in some cities. And Germany has the best renaissance fairs πŸ˜‰

Enough talk, I prepared a video for you that shows you what I did. After you’re done watching my video, don’t forget to continue hopping πŸ™‚

Thanks for checking out my journal. I hope you liked the trip to the past πŸ˜‰

Let’s Get Wrapped Blog Hop

Get Wrapped Blog HopWe are blog hopping with some amazing people today all in the name of fun, and cross brand creativity. Of course there will be a prize pack valued over $150 USD from PaperArtsy, Seth Apter, Eileen Hull & Emerald Creek. To be entered you must pop by and comment on each of the blog posts.

The hop closes Aug 29th at midnight and a winner will be announced Aug 30th, 2018.

Here is the entire list of all the talented artists:

Supplies Used

Close Ups

Get Wrapped Seth Apter, Emerald Creek and Eileen Hull blog hop

Get Wrapped Seth Apter, Emerald Creek and Eileen Hull blog hop

Seth Apter, Emerald Creek and Eileen Hull blog hop

Seth Apter, Emerald Creek and Eileen Hull blog hop

Seth Apter, Emerald Creek and Eileen Hull blog hop

Seth Apter, Emerald Creek and Eileen Hull blog hop


  1. I loved your use of the gel plate to start adding to your journal with, a great idea and the stencils worked really well with your theme too.

  2. Stunning album and great use of all those amazing products!!

  3. Sandra Spielberger

    This is a striking and very colourful journal. I like it !

  4. Great journal! Love the embossed image on the cover.

  5. Thanks for the video,I enjoy it.
    Great creation.

  6. Love the theme and the colours you used x

  7. Loved the journal! The colors are great!

  8. Wow What a fun Journal! Yes, I do see where those colors worked perfectly with the medieval theme- well done paring up the powders, stamps,stencils and colors with the papers you used as well! Well done!

  9. Great video. I think you nailed the look of the old ornate book cover you were after! Thanks for sharing your process.

  10. beautiful, love the colors

  11. Great job and wonderful concept.

  12. Thanks, I learned new things about embossing. Great journal!

  13. Josefine, this is a wonderful medieval take on the the wrapped journal. I think the layering of colors and stencils really brings the medieval look to life and then the addition of stenciled images with burnt copper leaves and patina oxide really brings it to life, I love seeing how you mix the bits of patina into the main embossing color, this is something that I have always enjoyed seeing but have not been able to accomplish well. Watching your video has me more inspired than ever to go with it! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. I too am always intrigued seeing all the different takes when everyone is supplied with a base and is able to make it their own- artistic style at its best! Fabulous make Josefine. xx

  14. Beautiful! Thank you for the embossing techniques!

  15. Wonderful medieval look! The layers you created are fantastic.

  16. Thanks for sharing your journal-love the video. Your techniques for embossing are great-it really feels medieval!

  17. Love what you’ve done with this project!

  18. Love the theme! The video was very helpful.

  19. Love <3 Thanks for sharing a video!

  20. Wonderful work!

  21. Great Art Josefine! I love the Medieval/Renaissance mood you brought to life in your journal! *β˜†β™‘β˜†* It made me think of a movie I like, “A Knight’s Tale”. I love how you used the brayer & gel press to print the mixture of paints & design stencils on your journal. Amazing embossing technique too! Thanks for taking the time & trouble to make a video. Nice photos too!β™‘

  22. Now this is really cool! That color combination would have scared me,but you made it work beautifully. Great stencil choices and love the paper on the inside!

  23. Wow. I am always amazed at how much goes into some pieces. I would have stopped long before you and it would have been sadly lacking because of it.

  24. This is a great and colorful journal. Love the video showing your work.

  25. Brilliant tutorial and lovely project – Thank you for sharing!!

  26. Great to see so many ways to use these materials. Lovely textures in this work. I especially like how you have used embossing powder.

  27. Melina Dahl (Minaskreativa)

    Fabulous make, love it so much! Thanks for sharing <3

  28. You covered all the bases for me. I love L. Mika’s stencil. Great post.

  29. Thank you for the video process super awesome they way it turned out.

  30. Love your outside, hope to see the inside soon πŸ™‚

  31. Love the heraldic theme and gorgeous colours.x

  32. Love the gel plate and of course Nat’s stencils, cool idea for the theme, I love Paperartsy’s Paints, they dry quickly and have great opacity!

  33. Very medieval looking.
    Fantastic colors. The
    embossing adds to the
    richness. thanks for

  34. This turned out great – love how it came together, and especially the way you incorporated my Heraldry stencils!

  35. great colour choice

  36. The stencils you used are so great for your cover, and I like the colors, as well.

  37. Love the glowing colours in your background, and the dimensional stamped images look fantastic. What an amazing hop – it’s lovely to be a part of it.
    Alison x

  38. Fabulous journal

  39. Gorgeous project!

  40. Beautiful work as always Josefine!! Great theme!!

  41. Beautiful, thanks for the video!

  42. Great color combinations!

  43. I love the use of the gel plate for your basic cover background.

  44. LOVE your wrapped journal! Beautiful colors too!

  45. Great colors and embossings on your wonderful journal!

  46. Amazing journal! Fantastic images and colors. Perfectly medieval, I can picture the castle walls.

  47. Josefine, I love your Journal!!!

  48. Love your journal’s colors, the layering of stencil patterns, and the “molten metal” images of the creatures and helmet!

  49. Beautiful journal, love the way you worked with the paint !

  50. Absolutely beautiful. thank you for sharing the proces!

  51. Love the heraldic theme to this Josefine and the way you’ve matched the covers to the shields with the embossing and stencilling xx

  52. The video of the gel press is really helpful and I love how you used the embossing powders to grunge it up.

  53. Love using my Gel Press to create my project and I enjoyed your process in making your wonderful journal <3 I'll have to pull out my plate and start to play – thanks for the inspiration and reminder! LOL!

  54. Love the color choices! Very clever interpretation; well done! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, tips, and inspiration.

  55. Susan Schultheis

    Great journal cover! Love it.

  56. Beautiful Journal. I just love all the details and colours!

  57. Loved your medieval spin on it!

  58. Great pattern on your journal. Thanks for the video tutorial.

  59. Fantastic project and colours.

  60. Roxanne L. Pafundi

    Cool! really interesting use of embossing, stamps and stenciling. Love this layered effect and how well the colors play with each other! TFS!

  61. Loved the trip!

  62. Wonderful project! Love how you just sprinkled some embossing powder randomly – wouldn’t have thought to do that.

  63. Gorgeous, I love the color palette πŸ™‚

  64. I need to pull out my gelli plate more often. You showcased some amazing work! I see lots of your art on instagram and am so inspired!

  65. I enjoyed watching you transform this into a fabulous work of art. Well done.

  66. Beautiful! I’m officially creatively inspired.

  67. Great concept. That paper really works with your design.

  68. Thank you for such a bright and clear video, it’s so cool to see the layering and imagery appear, you are magic! You make this look so easy but has so much detail. Thanks for sharing and playing in the cool Hop!

  69. Love the colors and embossing on your cover.

  70. Just love how you use the medieval theme. Perfect! Definitely going to try this!!

  71. Awesome Journal and love your video Josefine! Thanks for joining the hop- love your work!

  72. Great theme, I love the Medieval period for art and design.

  73. This is beautiful!! I love the colours and the wonderful layers!!

  74. Beautiful color! Thank you for sharing all of the products used. Love the effects the gel press can give.

  75. Very creative! Love all the details.

  76. Love the use of gel plate- new technique for me

  77. What a FUN project Josefine! Love everything about it – the colors, medieval feel…and now I want all those products. More for the list!!! This is a great hop. πŸ™‚

  78. Great way to use the gel plate. Great journal!

  79. The colors are outstanding. Great job!

  80. such a great video showing us your methodology. I love how you mixed the embossing powders as you heated them. I have to try this. what kind of papers, insets will you add to complete your journal. ?

  81. Love you medieval take on the project, so different from what i have seen so far!

  82. Fun journal!!! LOVE the embossed images!!

  83. Great project, love that your have a video showing all the techniques you used!

  84. A fabulous creation! Loved the video and watching your process. The stencils and the embossing powders made this journal look very medieval!

  85. Wonderful project! I just watched your video. Love the way you worked with the paint and the embossing powder. Thanks for inspiration.

  86. Shirley McCullough

    What fun to watch you create your journal cover, learned a lot from watching and enjoyed seeing your finished piece of art !!!

  87. I love, love, LOVE your take on this project! I’m a medieval-design junkie, and studied medieval literature in college. My mother-in-law is from Wiesbaden, so when we visit my husband’s family, it’s wonderful to soak up the medieval styles all over that area. You’re very clever to pair that Graphic 45 paper with Seth’s Paper Artsy paints! I hadn’t really noticed how well they go together. And those stencils are so swoon-worthy!

  88. Great video! Love the colors, textures and design of your journal! <3

  89. Priscilla Labranche

    Beautiful journal, love the theme and the video!

  90. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you work and listening to you talk us through what you were doing and why- adds so much more meaning to your journal . Love the compliment of colours throughout . Fabulous .

  91. Enjoying the blog hop! I love your take on this too.

    P.S. Looks like maybe you left off a link to Seth in the list of blog hoppers?

  92. Love your combination of colors. I haven’t tried any of the baked textures, but it looks like now I’m going to have to have them all. Thanks a lot for enabling me!! 🀣

  93. I appreciated the video since I am a visual learner. It made the process much more understandable than text for me. Love the design.

  94. Great video – more great ideas for using my Gelli plate

  95. OMG, love it. From the gel plate to embossing. Great colour palate, and don’t you just love that Patina Oxide embossing powder? Thank you.

  96. Love your journal and the medieval theme…brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration ❀

  97. Great theme that you had! I love what you did with the patinas and the embossing!

  98. You certainly achieved your aim to make it look like an old book! Love It! Chrisx

  99. Love all the different styles in this blog hop! I love the stenciling and embossed stamping on your album, just fab! πŸ™‚

  100. Sign me up! I am ready for a journal play date! Excellent use of product!

  101. This would make an inspired journal cover, nice!

  102. This is gorgeous Josefine. I love how regal and royal it looks. Thanks for being a part of the hop!

  103. A wonderful journal! I need to use my gel plates more, love how your painted book looks!

  104. Your stenciling and embossing make for a stunning journal cover

  105. Catherine Lenoci

    Josefine, excellent video with clear directions! I love your videos! Great project!

  106. You totally had me at Medieval!! Love the colors and the embossing is just the perfect match! Stunning from beginning to end!! Thanks sharing.

  107. Love the gelli printing Thanks for including the shopping list.

  108. Very cool. I like the medieval colors on the gel press for the cover.

  109. Unique journal with a wonderful color combo.

  110. Livia Yellowbird

    Love how the embossed images stand out, love the colors, very beautiful work love it!! πŸ‘‰β€πŸ˜

  111. I really enjoyed watching your video and seeing you do all the mono printing and stenciling. Very enjoyable! Love how it turned out too. πŸ™‚

  112. What a differnt jourm al cover love it.😊

  113. This is cool. I like the color combos! Great use of the stencils. I never think of embossing with the stencils….thanks for the demonstration.

  114. great medieval look!

  115. Love the heraldic stamps – so Robin Hood – who doesn’t like a fleur de lys!Fantastic cover thanks for sharing

  116. This is fabulous, such pretty colours and I love the theme. Congratulations on being part of the blog hop and have a very happy week, Sue xx

  117. Great idea to use the gel press and stencils, lovely!

  118. What a lovely project! Great colors and textures! A piece to be treasured!

  119. So cool that you made a video! Fun to watch the process. Great project!

  120. Great idea, love the use of gel press!

  121. Thanks so much for the video! As a visual learner, that’s always helpful!
    Your book really came out great!
    Thanks again!

  122. This project is so very how you did this and you explained it so very well. Very inspiring. Thanks!@

  123. This is beautiful x

  124. So many wonderful textures on your journal cover. I love the color combinations and the texture from the embossing powder.

  125. Beautiful work! Love all the techniques you used to achieve your vision. Nailed it!!

  126. Great journal love the colours x

  127. I am running out to buy a gel plate! I loved your video and your use of colors

  128. Awesome! Fascinating that each of you in this blog hop was given roughly the same materials and came up with such wholly different art… Thanks for the inspiration.

  129. Oh, I love the layers of patters you added to the cover. The touch of heat embossing on the inside edges look awesome! Great textures and colors. Fun blog hop! πŸ™‚

  130. Great video with lots of ideas

  131. I know I wrote a comment yesterday, but I don’t see it posted. The contrast you created on your cover is strong and conveys how you would envision a journal from med evil,times to be. The inside cover with all the shields provides a lot of color and interest. I learned a new technique in how you sprinkle more embossing powder on as you heat set it. Great journal

  132. Love the colors and the style. Very chic. Love the technique tips

  133. Wow! Beautiful project!!! Love the details and the choice of colors!!!

  134. Still hopping! But had to see this twice. We got treated to a video! Thank you for taking it time to do this. Gelly plate, stamping, stencil, embossing, stringing, inspiration from one journal. Wow! Thank you again!

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