Distress Oxide 101 – How to Create an Envelope With a Matching Card

Distress Oxide 101 - Envelope and Matching Card
Hi and welcome to this very special event.

Justine Hovey and I teamed up to share our love for the Distress Oxide with you. We prepared four technique videos, but it’s not just techniques we are sharing, we are also giving away several sets of the Distress Oxide (Justine two and I one). If you want to know what the difference is between the Distress Inks and Distress Oxide, feel free to take a look at my “First look at Distress Oxide” video.

Give away is closed

Justine started with a one layer card that you can find here. Isn’t that card just gorgeous? She also shows 5 more ways to use Distress Oxide here.

But for now, here is my first technique:

I hope you enjoyed my envelope and card project. I can’t wait to share tomorrow’s technique with you πŸ™‚

Supplies Used

Distress Oxide 101 - Close Up Envelope


  1. Irene Herrera Shan

    Beautiful envelopes and card. Love the colors you used. The distress inks are magical. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s fun to see everything you can do with these inks. I really like products that I can use in different ways!

  3. This was amazing. To see you take the full sheet of paper and make a card and envelope. Who would have thought. The card turned out so pretty. Thank you for sharing.ο»Ώ

  4. Wow! I love the colors on the envelope and card. Great video. Ink smooshing seems to be my favorite technique so far.

  5. I really love this idea for using DO inks. It will definitely be added to my “to try” list. TFS!

  6. I love the effect of the oxide inks! I think my favorite color is wilted violet but it is very hard to choose! Thanks so much for sharing so much information about these inks.

  7. Oops! Did I say that I love using die cuts with original designer paper so why not use DO inks? Great idea! They are so much fun to work with.

  8. I love the blended look as I have not had much success with the smooshing and water spray techniques. They are beautiful when others do it!

  9. I love them all! But I think the cracked china might be my fave. πŸ™‚

  10. I love Cracked Pistachio today ..yesterday it was Broken China…tomorrow maybe it will be Worn Lipstick…..In other words my favorite depends on my mood…….Thanks for the ideas…matching envelopes and die cuts …can’t wait to give it a try.

  11. That envelope is gorgoeus!! I love all the layering and ink smoothing you can do with distress oxides but also the beautiful blending it can do is amazing!

  12. Arianna Barbara

    OMG! I’ve just finished to see your video and I’m in love for your breathless envelope!
    Love all the Distress Oxide Inks but my favourite colour is Broken China! Love it!!!

  13. Beautiful envelope! Thank you for sharing!

  14. I love the blending on the envelope

  15. Absolutely love how you used the entire piece that you created and an old set from SOA. It is always refreshing to see older sets being used especially when I have it too! TFS!

  16. I love all of the collors they are pretty!

  17. I’d love to receive an envelope like this. So colorful. Those new inks seem terrific. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for a great video.

  18. Great tutorial!

  19. Wonderful video! I can’t wait to get my oxide inks to play with! I’m excited to diecut some leaves and flowers like you showed here!

  20. Loving the new inks and the look achieved on your project.

  21. Beautiful envelope! I like this idea!

  22. Loving all these great videos!!
    I’m knew to distress inks…so I Have lots to learn!!
    I’m loving the smooshing! !

  23. This is such a wonderful idea for a completely coordinated card and envelope. Thank you so much for a fabulous tutorial!

  24. Great video – thank you!

  25. I love the envelopes you made to match your card…..and then to use the rest of the paper from that…what a great idea….I love how well the oxides blend without looking muddy

  26. Louise DuVivier Alsing

    Love the Distress Oxide Inks

  27. Fantastic colours . Amazing what you can do with them ! Ha and you have a great laugh !!

  28. Your card and envelope are amazing…can’t wait to try these inks out…your videos are fabulous…!!!!!

  29. I would love to play with those inks!

  30. I like how you can layer color. Very pretty card and envelope.

  31. I love the idea of matching a distress oxide-inked envelope with the card! And I also like that you kept the card clean and simple, a perfect match! Although I perhaps the strenght of the Oxides is the ability to build layers, I think that my favorite technique is blending. It looks like they go on reaaally soft!

  32. Gorgeous.

  33. I love the spritzing water technique. So beautiful!

  34. The card and envelope turned out so beautiful!! I can’t wait to try all the techniques I’ve been seeing. It looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing.

  35. That envelope is gorgeous!!

  36. Tamatha Mavraides

    My favorite is worn lipstick!!! I adore that color.

  37. Love seeing all of the ways to use the distress oxides. Can’t wait to pick up the rest because I only have 3 right now. Soon! Great video!

  38. Nancy Kenny Monahan

    Gorgeous card/envy created with these inks Holy. It was also a great idea to do a full sheet of cardstock instead of an A2 sized, so that we can make a few cards at a time! Quick, easy & fun…what more could we ask for LOL! Thanks for sharing Holy!

  39. Christine Lazarides

    What a great idea to have your card and envelope match, with these beautiful watercolor looking backgrounds, so versatile, TFS.

  40. The envelope is genius! Great techniques – I love the effect with the ink pad smoosh onto the craft mat and spray with water and dab around. The effect is always so unpredictable and fun!

  41. I have not used these but after watching your video am very interested in them. I like the yellows and greens.

  42. Love these i is and can not wait to see what others do with them.

  43. It’s hard to decide on a specific technique I love them all but I would never have thought to use them for an envelope. Love it

  44. I love the technique when you use both distress inks and oxides to make a background/one off designer paper. This will be subject to change the more the oxides are experimented with.

  45. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been trying to decide if I should splurge on these inks, and I think I will! You created a beautiful project.

  46. Kristina CraftyPaws

    My favorite is Broken China. Awesome envie and card!

  47. Very cool card and envelope! I would absolutely love these inks! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  48. I like the layering technique to adding needed colors for emphasis

  49. Wow just amazing love those envelopes

  50. Great idea I beginning to think, that contrary to my first impression. the Distress Oxide inks are a must have

  51. I just love the envelope you created and card with the distressed oxide. What is the difference between distressed ink and distressed oxide?

  52. Love evrything you maded
    Oh I would love to try those but in Croatia we dont have them.
    Thanks for chance!

  53. the colors look so cool. Love ink smooshing. Your video was awesome and funny to watch. Thanks for making me smile.

  54. I’m very much looking forward to learning about these inks !

  55. Rochelle Strait

    I love that you can ink over dark paper with these and they still lol so good!!!

  56. Absolutely love this technique you did on the envelope!! So fun. I think my favorite is any of the ink smooshing followed by water then dragging the paper through it. Leaves such cool designs.

  57. I like wilted violet

  58. Sherry Lowmaster

    loved your video! such a cool card and envelope! looks like they will be really fun to play with!

  59. Love this envelope and great101 tutorial.

  60. Great card and envelope.

  61. Gorgeous envelope and card! The Distress Oxide Inks look like so much fun! The results are amazing.

  62. What a nice card and envelope project.mmThese new Distrss Oxide inks look like so much fun to play with!
    Good luck to everyone who enters to win this beautiful set!

  63. Love the card and technique

  64. Elaine McDonald

    Love the distress inks thank you for sharing

  65. I love, love, love your envelope technique. Thank you for sharing!

  66. There are so many great things possible with the oxide inks. I really like the look of smudging drying, water droplets, drying, repeat…..
    And the seem to stamp really nice too.

  67. I love these Distress Oxide inks and your video. Your envelope is gorgeous and the more I see these inks used, the more I would like to try them. Thank you so much!

  68. Loved your video and the ink smooshing with the oxides! The end result in the envelop and die cuts are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  69. Very lovely cards.. Thank you.

  70. Great tutorial! Must try it myself! My favorite color of the Distress Oxides today is Fossilized Amber. Thanks for sharing!

  71. Beautiful card and envelope! WOW makes a great combination. I love it!

  72. Thanks for great video!

  73. I love how easy it looks like it blends…but also how you can layer it, and not have it turn to mud if the layer before is dry!

  74. Love to see the inks used on an envelope — that came out amazing – and the matching card is so pretty.

  75. What an awesome envelope! Love that you used the left over then to cut your leaves and flower for your card!

  76. Lovely tutorial. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  77. Great projects!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. I like using them like you did for the envelope, but on a smaller scale.

  79. Smooshing and water are my favorite ways….

  80. What a great two-fer project (two-for-one). A great idea to make a whole big sheet of Distress Oxide background at once. The leaves and flowers you die-cut looked great! Very organic and natural. Thanks for the tutorial and fingers crossed for the give-away!

  81. Wow! What a beautiful envelope and card! Thank you for showing us how to do it. Love those inks. Would be wonderful to win them! Thank you so much.

  82. thank you so much for sharing abd being so generous as to host the give-away! Using an eraser after using the embossing tool on dark paper is a brilliant idea -I will be giving that a try for sure.

  83. I love the new distress oxides. I only have 3 so far. I have broken china, lipstick and, the orange one. I used them for Easter egg coloring and it was fun. Your envelope came out great.

  84. Love your creative technique! Love the envelope and card!
    Thank you for your generosity to a lucky home crafter!

  85. Great technique-love the inks!! so need them

  86. Great technique-love the inks-so need them!!

  87. Abby Torres-Soto

    Really love how this came out. I, too, wonder if mailing an envelope made with distress ink is a good idea. Perhaps a cellophane wrap of some kind? Gel medium would just reactivate the inks right?

  88. I couldn’t get the raffkecopter link to work right so I’m leaving a comment instead. I love the envelope and matching card. Very cool look!

  89. MaryAnn Clayson

    So beautiful! Loving these inks!
    Thank you so much

  90. Cordelia Randall

    Very pretty.

  91. Loved watching that blank paper come to life, and the fact that you die cut the scrap!

  92. Love the envelope you made. I love how the colors look layered.

  93. Beautiful card and envelope! I think the ink blending is my favorite but it’s so hard to say!

  94. Smooshing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. I like the ink smoothing. Thanks for sharing.

  96. What a stunning envelope you’ve designed to accompany your beautiful card! WOW! I’ve just discovered you through Justine – adding you to my Feedly so I don’t miss out on any of your creativity! My favourite DI technique: blending. I love blending!

  97. My favorite would have to be cracked pistachio! Thanks for the great videos.

  98. I’m looking forward to watercoloring with my Distress Oxide. Thanks for all the tutorials!

  99. I love that envelope! The Oxides are spectacular! I love the way they layer and the way they look when you add water. Great video.

  100. April Winchester

    I don’t know enough about the inks and techniques t pick a favorite. This is such a cute card and I love the envelope!

  101. I Love smooshing the Oxides and then layering them one on top of the other. I love the card and envelope!

  102. I love how your envelope came out…so pretty, it’s so cool how these inks layer TFS x

  103. I am so loving these new Distress Oxide Inks! I love watching the magic that happens when water is added! Love the look of a chalky background when they are layered and blended as a background!

  104. Everyone is talking about these inks!! Thanks for showing them!

  105. Love your envelope with the matching card! I haven’t tried mine yet so I’m not sure about which technique will be my favorite. Just got them a week ago. I am looking forward to trying out stamping with them!

  106. I love your card and envelope, and those Oxide ink would be great to have in your craft room, TFS, Cheers Anna, from down under.

  107. True story: I was sitting here playing with the few Distress Oxide ink pads I have in my grubby little hands and was feeling rather discouraged… so I jumped on to YouTube and found your fabulous video and now I have some much-needed tips on using them more effectively. Thank you!

  108. Sharlini Nambiar

    Hi Josefine! Thank you for sharing your colourful envelope and card. My favourite technique is the one you’re using to make that envelope. I can’t wait to get my hands on those distress oxide inks. Something came over me and I splurged on 7 the other day. Then I looked for inspiration on YouTube and found Justine’s channel and giveaway! Dang it…but maybe if I win, I can get the rest of the colours too.

  109. That envelope is stunning! My favorite so far is the Worn Lipstick.

  110. Love your card I’m impressed with Tim holtz new inks. I have every color of destressed inks and love using them.

  111. Melissa Friedrich

    Beautiful card and envelope, thanks for showing technique on the large paper too. My favorite color is the wilted violet.

  112. Jeanette McClurkin

    I really enjoyed the way you took the ink pads directly to the watercolor paper and added water. Great video!

  113. What a gorgeous envelope – it almost outshines the card!

  114. Oh, I love what you made! That envelope is going on the TOP of my Make It List. It’s gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us!

  115. This is such a GORGEOUS set! Thanks for inspiring!!

  116. I think my favourite would have to be worn lipstick.

  117. wow, great tutorial I really had no idea these inks were so fun to use! thank you for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  118. I have just begun using Tim Holtz inks and am so enjoying them. It was so fun to see what you have done with them. I am going to try this technique this week. Thanks for all the information you give to stampers like me.

  119. Love your video and card with envelope! These look like fun inks. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  120. Sorry, not used to the raffle copter thing. My favorite technique would be putting the inks over white heat embossed images for a beautiful background.

  121. Theseinks hold so much possibility! Love your project too

  122. phyllis rodriguez

    that was super neat . thank you for sharing will have to give that a try .

  123. Your video was so much fun and I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s. Fabulous envelope and card.

  124. I haven’t used D. O. inks but would love to. Your video tutorial was wonderful! The way the inks move with the
    water is glorious & there wasn’t one area that turned muddy. Wow! Thanks for the chance to win a set. That is
    very generous of you. Broken China is my favourite colour.

  125. Beautiful! I especially like the matching envelope.

  126. I love how you built up the colours with the oxide inks. The smooching technique has to be my favorite as it’s so quick to do. ☺

  127. What a fantastic idea!! Beautiful!

  128. Really great! I love the Oxide inks.

  129. Loved your video! So much fun.

  130. Anything having to do with creating backgrounds and I’m in! Love to create my own background papers.

  131. So far of the techniques I’ve seen done with Distress Oxides, I am loving the random backgrounds made like you did to create your envelope. Your envelope is as pretty as the card and great idea to coordinate them and using every bit of your inked piece.

  132. What a lovely card & great video explaining your process for both the envelope and the card! I love the idea of starting with an oversized sheet for the envelope and die-cutting from the excess, so everything coordinates beautifully! I would have never thought of it, and am so glad u shared this tip!

  133. Love this technique. Thanks for sharing.

  134. Hi!! πŸ™‚ Loved your card/envelope combo… I’m new to your channel so looking forward to more inspiration from subbing to your YouTube channel, yay! My favorite Distress Oxide technique so far is laying the color on the mat, spritzing the color then smooshing & dragging the paper through the beaded, wet ink. I am amazed at all the beautiful color combos you can get! Have a great weekend!

  135. I so do like the way these inks work and can’t wait till I can afford to get them.

  136. I love how cool the envelope turned out!

  137. Great envelope and card! I think fossilized Amber is my favourite at this point, but they all are beautiful.

  138. I love the soft chalky look without the feel of the oxide inks! Superb

  139. Thank you for sharing you talent and your love for doing this. Your laughter is infectious! Thank you also for the chance to win the set of distress oxides.

  140. The Distress Oxide Inks look like so much fun to play with! I love the blue and purple colors. I have lots of dies I would love to cut from Distress Oxide inked background paper to use on cards and in my scrapbooking!

  141. Great card and envelope

  142. I love making envelopes. The distress oxides makes the envelope so bright and colorful. I like the color smoothing technique.

  143. I love the cutouts from the watercolor paper the best! Thanks.

  144. Michelle Calvert

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to try the new oxides.
    Thanks for sharing this video. 🌸

  145. What a great idea to make an envelope like that. I love it!

  146. Oh my word, this is just stunning!! I love your envelope – it looks so organic and rich with the colors you chose. The splatters are the perfect touch – going to add that kind of paint brush to my art shopping list! πŸ™‚ While I don’t have any Distress Oxide inks yet, I love to blend with my Distress inks so I can imagine that would be a favorite technique with Distress Oxides. Thanks for the very informative video!

  147. Love the envelope idea and not wasting the leftover paper!!

  148. I have to say, the color choice is delightful.

    The envelope is also gorgeous

  149. Great way to use the beautiful scraps of watercolor! The card was very impressive!

  150. Awesome video. Can’t wait to try these new inks!

  151. Which is my favorite technique? Such an unfair question: I love them all. But I do have to say I heard birds singing and music playing and the sun started to shine while watching the envelope smooshing technique – even though it was late at night! ; ) I’m so glad I found you and your blog.

  152. Victoria Richardson

    I loved how you demonstrated the ability to layer oxides that gives such a different effect than the regular distress inks. Will be definitely trying this. Thanks for the chance to win them in your give-away

  153. Thanks for your great techniques! I love so much the envelope you made and I think this is my favorite technique!!!

  154. I love the envelope.i haven’t used the destressed inks yet and I so want to.

  155. Love the envelope and I love making envelope art it so much fun. Thanks for sharing. My favorite technique is to use laying to make an putter space scene.

  156. Your video is super. Love that envelope! Thanks!!

  157. Love distress oxides

  158. I really like the look of the matching envelope but I don’t want to waste my oxides on envelopes!!

  159. I love using the backgrounds this way. It would be easy to precut the leaves and flowers to have on hand to make an emergency card. Thanks

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