Let’s get ready for Creativation 2019


Creativation 2019Hi everyone, Creativation 2019 is starting in just one week. All the vendors will showcase the latest and greatest during classes and on the show floor. I will be there from Thursday till Monday and share everything with you – unless you’re going yourself then, of course, I’d love to meet you there!

In case you don’t know what Creativation is – it’s THE yearly event for the crafting industry. It’s organized by the AFCI (Association for the Creative Industry) and allows retailers, designers, teachers and other crafty professionals to get a look at the latest trends. As a designer/ blogger I’m looking forward to sharing all of it with you. This year, I’m on a second mission though: finding unique items for my store The Maker Deli. Please, let me know if there’s anything that you want me to check out – for the store and for the blog.

We start off on Thursday and Friday with some classes and I try to share as much as I can from those.

Creativation 2019 class schedule
Besides that, I’ll also be working at a few vendors during the show floor hours (Saturday till Monday). Please say hi, if you’re close by 🙂
Creativation 2019 Schedule

In my spare time I will share as much as I can through pictures and lives. I still haven’t decided if I will do the lives on Facebook or YouTube though, so, just in case, here is where you can follow me:
YouTube –> HolyLiseDesigns
Instagram –> @HolyLise  
Facebook –> HolyLise

For now, I have to remember to pack everything – all those little gifts, craft supplies for classes, etc. That will keep me busy for the next week, because I know that I will have a hart time sleeping and concentrating till then 😉

Thanks so much for being here and supporting me in my journey. I couldn’t do all of this without you!!! I truly appreciate all of you and have a hard time believing all of this sometimes. Big hugs!!!

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  1. Looks like a great
    time! Have fun and
    wish I could be there.
    Carla from Utah

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