Video: Creating a Colorful Background with Dylusions Paints

Creating a colorful background with Dylusions paints is simple and fun. My new video shows you how to add colorful squares and how you could decorate them. This background is so much fun to “put together” 🙂

You only need some different colors (in my video I use 4) and some stencils. I use the Ranger blending tools to “paint”, but your fingers or make up sponges work as well. The Dylusions paints are more fluid than other acrylic paints, but that makes them perfect for this technique. For the stencils though, you don’t have to use the Dylusions ones. Every type and brand of stencil will work. For example, have you seen the paper stencils from Faber Castell? They come in a multi pack for ~$6 and you can use them a couple of times and then either utilize them in your mixed media project or just throw them away.

Anyway, you probably want to start watching the video. So here it is:

The Dylusions Art Journal Series

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