Craft Room Organization – What Is In My Craft Room 2016?


Craft Room OrganizationHello there,

Today I made a YouTube video showing how my craft room is setup and how I organize things. It’s a rather quick walk-through, so if you are interested in any of my storage ideas just let me know. I can always create separate videos and/ or blog articles describing how I setup my stuff.

With no further ado, here is my craft room organization video:

Just in case you are interested in the ArtBin storage I was talking about, here is some more information on them: ArtBin Homepage.

I just wanted to mention again that I’m not related to any of the craft companies seen in the video. I bought everything on my own (or won it during a blog hop) and everything I said is based on my opinion. 🙂


  1. Your space is so nicely organized. Thanks again for sharing with all of us!

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