Catherine Pooler Blog Hop Day 1 – Coloring with the Gel Press


Woohoo! Welcome to the new Catherine Pooler release. Are you excited? I know I am 🙂

Coloring with the Gel Press and Catherine Pooler
For day one of the blog hop I prepared two cards with color, mess and sparkle. I’m a huge fan of the calligraphy word dies, so I wanted to give them special attention. Every focal point needs a little bit of decoration and coloring with the Gel Press is a great option. I created a step-by-step tutorial video for you, so you can see how the cards came together.

I had quite a few leftover prints, so I decided to whip up one more colorful card. I cut two stripes and adhered them to the left and right. Then I die cut the word awesome from the same print, adhered it onto a black piece of cardstock and both to the card base.
Coloring with the Gel Press and Catherine Pooler

Blog Hop

Thanks so much for hoping with us. Here are all the other Creative Team projects. Don’t forget to leave comments along the hop for your chance to win two ink pads 😉

Supplies Used

Close Ups

Coloring with the Gel Press and Catherine Pooler

Coloring with the Gel Press and Catherine Pooler

Coloring with the Gel Press and Catherine Pooler


  1. These are so pretty! And thanks for the video too!

  2. Great video Josefine! That awesome is incredible! I am so addicted to monoprinting. LOVE your creations. 🙂

  3. These are beautiful! And you got so many backgrounds out of your gel press technique! Thanks for sharing!

  4. All 3 cards are inspiring. My favorite is the you are awesome!! Super work!

  5. All three of your cards are gorgeous. The black card is so striking! Great ideas for using my gel press. Thanks.

  6. I love this. I hate coloring! I could so do this, and will! Tfs

  7. Beautiful cards and what an awesome technique to try. I love to make the flowers.

  8. Love the vibrant colors. each card is a work of art.

  9. Nancy-Anne Rockwell

    Lovely cards! I’ve never seen that gel in action. It looks like so much fun to play with!

  10. These are beautiful cards. The video was excellent and showed us how to use a gel press and get different affects. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I have never tried that technique. Love it!

  12. Thank you for the video! I always learn better from videos. And I had never heard of gel press before – so thank you for introducing me to that!

  13. Linda Steinbaugh

    Your cards are beautiful! I’d like to make this kind of background!

  14. Hi Josephine,
    This was my first time seeing Gel Prints. Very neat technique. Your cards turned out really nice. Can’t wait to get that Awesome and Wonderful die. Thanks for the video tutorial.

  15. Beautiful cards! I have never tried this technique but I think I am going to definitely try it soon!

  16. Beautiful cards today! Love the video using the gel press to make those gorgeous prints.

  17. These are gorgeous!

  18. Love the colorful designs! You are awesome…

  19. I love when I can get coloring done
    without having to worry about
    staying in the lines and doing a
    lot of shading. Thanks for
    the video. The cards are
    so pretty.

  20. Marcia L Rollins

    You have made the use of the gel press intriguing!

  21. Love your cards! I really like the colors on them too. You did a fantastic job on them. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  22. “Awesome” “Wonderful” cards.

  23. These cards are gorgeous. Thank you for the video showing this great technique.

  24. These cards are simply beautiful Josefine and have given me the inspiration to pull out the gel plates Santa brought. Thanks so much for sharing! ~HUGS~

  25. Sharon Perehudoff

    Awesome, and Wonderful cards! Love the technique you did for backgrounds really wonderful. Thanks for sharing and the video!

  26. Gorgeous cards, LOVE these vibrant colored flowers and awesome video.

  27. Oh my word these are beautiful! I need to rescue my gel plates that are languishing in my craft room!!

  28. Awesome cards!! Thank you for this great video on momoprinting it is filled with lots of great ideas and I can’t wait to do this.

  29. Theresa Robinson

    Such pretty cards and so quick to put together. I love the coloring without coloring!

  30. Your cards are STUNNING, Josefine!! I really need to play with my Gel Press more. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  31. Glenda Lee Nutting

    Love these! I especially enjoyed the video since I’m unfamiliar with the gel press technique.

  32. These are great. I love your idea of stamping on patterned paper that is not necessarily your favorite and then die cutting – it gives me a whole new idea!!

  33. Sharon youngblood

    The more I watch your videos with the gel press the more I think I need ti try it out. Once again, beautiful cards.

  34. Both your cards are just beautiful. I love to gelli plate papers but i have never cut out anything i have stamped on those papers. Thanks for the new idea

  35. Loved your use of the new stencils on top of your brayered colour panels. I’ve seen the gelpress demonstrated before, but I like seeing what you DO with those panels afterwards. They make for some eye-catching, unique cards. Lovely!

  36. So cool. I have done gel printing before but never like you did on these cards. Beautiful!! I can’t wait to go play!!

  37. Michelle Uhlenhake

    I had heard of gel press but didn’t know much about it. Thanks for some great cards.

  38. Very pretty cards. Loved your technique.

  39. Those flowers are awesome, love that pop of black and white sripe too

  40. Michele Strickland

    I love your cards,

  41. Beautiful cards! I love word dies.

  42. Jennifer Colacicco

    These are all stunning but I think my fave is the bright sentiment against the black backgrounds. Wow!! Jenny x

  43. Love the video making the gel plates. Great idea…thanks

  44. Phyllis Sinclair

    Wow! Something new to try. Love your cards.

  45. Kristine Boydstun

    Beautiful cards!

  46. Very nice and colorful

  47. Very pretty cards! I love them all.

  48. beautiful. Love the use of the gel prints with stencils. Great backgrounds

  49. Beautiful cards. Thanks so much for sharing…

  50. I’ve heard of gel prints before, but had no idea what they were. Wow! I’m blown away by how easily you can make beautiful backgrounds with the acrylic paints & stencils. Your cards, all three of them, are gorgeous!! TFS this fabulous technique & your wonderful talent.

  51. Stunning array of cards Josefine! Love all the fun layers you get with the gel press. Gorgeous creations!

  52. You make me want to try using a gel press. Outstanding cards, Josefine. =)

  53. Gorgeous cards! I have never tried this technique but I am going to try it soon!

  54. Thanks for showing how the gel press works.

  55. Fun colorful creations which I look forward to trying. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial.

  56. Judith Rogers🌸

    A couple of colourful cards, a great way to create impressive flowers.

  57. I haven’t even seen all the videos yet, but this could bee my favorite because you used techniques and colors I LOVE!. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Those gel prints are so much fun! I love them!

  59. Lisascreativeniche

    These are so fun! I love the mix of colors!

  60. Michelle Hackett

    Really awesome technique. Thank you so much for the inspiration. These are gorgeous.

  61. A new release including calligraphy dies, bright colors & black paper, I can’t wait!!
    Thanks for video, I LOVE your cards!! Awesome technique!!

  62. LilyAnn Kranking

    This technique using the gel press plate and acrylic colors is new to me and something I would like to try. I liked how you used the stamp set on the papers you colored and then even used it
    with the die cut.

  63. Crystal Williams

    Beautiful Cards! Love the CP Stamps!

  64. Awesome cards! Love the technique & the wonderful results!

  65. Love the flowers!

  66. Awesome technique with the gel press!

  67. Thanks for sharing gel press! New to me. Beautiful cards created with your talent.

  68. Lovely cards! The gel prints bring such an organic feel to the flowers. It looks like so much fun creating prints 🙂

  69. What a great way to get colored flowers without having to color them. Great idea.

  70. I love how you made this cards ! So pretty!

  71. Beautiful cards from an awesome release!

  72. Stunning cards and I love your video. Great flowers and those prints are amazing.

  73. All three of your cards are fabulous and bright, your technique seems very free flowing, I really like the fact that you use your results in many ways to get the most out of the pieces created x

  74. Fun cards! I’ve never used a gel press. Pretty interesting.

  75. Love your cards. This is the first time I’ve seen the gel press in action and loved the prints you created! I was surprised that it was acrylic paint that you used. The results were fantastic!

  76. Video was very informative – – I’ve not seen gel press acrylic inks, etc. Like the wild flurry of colorful flowers. Great layout to CASE

  77. I’m so happy that you used the gel press! I’m a new gel press owner, so it’s great to get ideas of different ways to use it!

  78. Sandy Mcallister

    Well lets say you are awesome Thanks for letting us know about the gel press

  79. Linda Sheller Huffman

    Love, love, love it!

  80. Great video

  81. Love the colors. The black and white stripe paper on the top and bottom really make the colors pop.

  82. Theresa Harrison

    Beautiful cards … thanks for the inspiration

  83. Absolutely beautiful love the bold lines of the stamp with the bold colours you used.

  84. Love the backgrounds and how colorful.

  85. Oh, my goodness–I now know that I NEED a gel press! I never thought of using one this way, but I love the look. Especially the bold color with black! And, when I get my new house, I will need lots of space for drying projects. These type of “playing with color” techniques are incredibly difficult to stop, and I always run out of drying space before I run out of ideas. I am bookmarking this for my new craft space. Thank you.

  86. Beautiful job with the flowers and the colors… so so pretty. and thank you very much for the video tutorial… I so appreciate them.. I need all the helpl I can get lol 🙂 tyfs

  87. thanks for sharing these cards with us – so pretty:)

  88. Wow! Your flowers turned out lovely. I have never seen that technique before.

  89. Awesome and wonderful cards with these dies.

  90. Love the gel press technique! Thanks for sharing!

  91. Very pretty card … love the colors you used!

  92. Such gorgeous cards! Thanks for the video showing the gel press in action!

  93. Love these thanks for sharing!

  94. Your gel prints are beautiful with these images! Lovely cards!

  95. What a great idea! I’ll have to get my gel plates out but first I need to buy more ink. Your cards turned out beautiful Josafine.

  96. Wowsa!! What a beautiful piece of artwork to share with someone you care about!

  97. Beautiful cards!

  98. Thanks for such a clear instructive video. Loved what you did with your gel prints. Beautiful results!

  99. Thank you for the great video, it was very fun to watch you create your beautiful cards using the gel press.

  100. This beautiful technique is totally new to me…wow…I like it! So many uses for the color sheets and each one is so different. Thanks for sharing!

  101. Marcia L Rollins

    I love the use of the striped paper; so classy

  102. Ohhhhhh…the calligraphy dies are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

  103. So pretty, I love them

  104. Such pretty cards. I love the style and the colors are beautiful.


  106. Wow -these cards are amazing. I haven’t used a gel press but maybe I need to! And the CP open flowers were just perfect. Thanks for the video to show how to do this!

  107. What a cool idea! I love the contrast of the black with the bright colors; it’s just so fun. Plus you really put together some lovely bouquets with the flower stamp set. Thank you so much for sharing!

  108. Love the cards. Thank for sharing.

  109. Stunning. I’ve packed my Gel plate away so better find it as you’ve inspired me to try this

  110. Beautiful cards! Love the large sentiment and pretty flowers, and the striped paper!! Great design!

  111. Marjorie DUMONTIER

    These are gorgeous floral !

  112. I never wanted a gel press until now. Very pretty cards and that’s for sharing the video.

  113. Gorgeous way to get colors-love the cards!

  114. I really enjoyed watching this video. Great cards, fun techniques. Thanks for sharing!

  115. So beautiful! I want a gel press now, haha

  116. Awesome cards and technique!

  117. I love the calligraphy word dies, too!

  118. Great colors! Love what those small strips of black and white add to it! Never tried a gel pad before. Might have to now!

  119. Love the vibrance and contrast in your cards!

  120. Great way to color those flowers, thanks for sharing.

  121. Love all three cards.

  122. Very cool technique! I love how your elements enhance the beautiful diecut sentiments.

  123. Mary this is a very neat video. I love how you did the coloring.

  124. Love the bold colors you picked to go with the florals!

  125. Love this technique for coloring the flowers!!! Thank you for showing me a new way to use my gel press

  126. These are so cool If I keep watching you and your gel press Im gonna be hooked into getting one. Do you just use regular card stock or a special paper?

    • Hi Susan. I used Catherine’s card stock (the one mentioned in the supply list). You can use any weight. I even have used sandwich paper before 😉

  127. Really love your cards. I need to get out my gel press and use it. Thanks for sharing.

  128. Shirley Attanaro

    Never heard of a gel press. Very pretty.

  129. Very pretty! I love the flowers

  130. I haven’t actually used my gel press yet, but you’ve given me some wonderful ideas on what to do with my prints once I get started. I particularly love your last card. So impactful!

  131. Elaine Johnson (elainej)

    Love your techniques. Inspired to find my gel plate. Thank you!

  132. gel press is cool

  133. Fabulous video and two gorgeous cards ! A new technique for me. Love the bold colours and the bold sentiments. Thanks so much for sharing.

  134. I love the color and possibilities you can add utilizing your Gelli plate. It is sometimes a smack on the forehead, “why didn’t I think of that”. It is such an easy and fun way to add color to your cards or journals. Your demonstrations brought that home to me again! Thank you for the reminder, and beautiful results with the new releases.

  135. Such pretty cards – love the colors.

  136. Such pretty cards!

  137. Beautiful cards!

  138. Thank you so much for all your encouraging comment!!! You are all “wonderful” and “awesome” 🙂
    I’m so glad that I was able to inspire you to use a Gel Press. It’s so much fun to work with it and there are just so many possibilities.

    I read all your comments and am so happy to be part of such a kind community. Hugs to all 😀

  139. Lovely cards with great colors.

  140. Great idea!

  141. Love those flowers and the border is great too Thanks for sharing

  142. Beautiful cards

  143. I so appreciate the video showing a) the gel press and b) making the actual cards. Very inspiring and beautiful cards!!!

  144. Very nice! Thank you for sharing!

  145. Amante del Papel

    I love your cards there are amazing!

  146. Amazing cards!!

  147. Gayle Bartholomew

    Not familiar with the gel press, so thanks for the video showing this technique. Beautiful cards.

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