How to create an Angel Canvas with Emerald Creek embossing powders


Angel Canvas with Emerald CreekI’m up on the Emerald Creek blog again as a guest designer. Today I prepared a slightly larger project using Emerald Creek embossing powder. I already was in love with them, but after I finished this project I am even more.

Because this project is a little larger than my usual projects, I took a few more photos. You can click on them to enlarge them.

I started by painting the ocean.

Next up, the sunset. The first layer was just about getting paint onto the canvas.
Adding a sunset step 1

Second color, but no blending yet.
Adding a sunset step 2

I added the third color on top, but still didn’t worry about blending.
Adding a sunset step 3

The last color had to fill up the rest of the canvas.
Adding a sunset step 1

Now I started with blending the paint. I used a sponge brush and dabbed back and forth between the colors.
Adding a sunset step 5

I added a little more color to simplify the blending. I always focused on the two adjacent colors and dabbed with both of them back and forth.
Adding a sunset step 6

Then I added the reflection of the sun to the water.
Reflection of the sun

I blended the white with the sponge brush and my fingers.
Reflection of the sun

I also added a little black to the corners to frame the scene.
Framing the scene

Then I gessoed the wings with two coats of white Gesso.
Preparing the wings

I blended some gold ink on top to add a settled shimmer.
Adding shimmer to the wings

Isn’t it gorgeous?
Adding shimmer to the wings

The tips of the wings needed more gold, so I heat embossed them with Emerald Creek Charred Gold. I added three layers by dabbing Versamark onto the wing.
Emerald Creek Charred Gold embossing powder

I briefly gessoed the metal flower and spritzed some water on top. I used the water to keep the Emerald Creek Fractured Ice embossing powder in place. Then I melted it, so it looks like water droplets. Careful, it’s hot!

This was my squeak moment. I was sure that the Fractured Ice embossing powder would look cute, but this? You should have seen me, lol.
Emerald Creek Fractured Ice for the flower

I adhered the wings onto the canvas first and then added the flower on top. The flower needed a little stronger gel medium.
Adhering the embossed flower

And this is the end result.
Angel canvas with Emerald Creek

I’m still so excited about this canvas. The embossing powder came out amazing and are the perfect finishing touch for the wings and the flower. Don’t forget to check out the embossing powder over at Emerald Creek. Kim, the owner, created some amazing colors and variations πŸ˜€

Thanks for stopping by!Angel Canvas with Emerald Creek

Angel Canvas with Emerald Creek

Angel Canvas with Emerald Creek

Angel Canvas with Emerald Creek

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