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That's Me, JosefineHi, my name is Josefine aka HolyLise. I spent the first 30 years of my life in Germany, and decided in 2014 to move to my husband. At that time we weren’t married, that happened afterwards. Since then I try to figure out how everything works over here, struggle sometimes, but am very excited most of the time. I really like the USA and the people living here. I especially enjoy the craft community. Crafting wasn’t as big in Germany before I left, so I didn’t know anything about all the possibilities.

When I started crafting, I thought it might be a good idea to share my projects on this blog. The main idea was to improve my English skills, but I ended up being “addicted” to posting new articles several times a week 😛
I like crafting more than I ever thought I would, plus the love of sharing tips and tricks keeps me going. Here you’ll find greeting cards, art journal pages and mixed media projects, all mixed up with the occasional snark. The messier the project, the happier I am. I hope you enjoy my blog.

This is a personal, information only blog. That means all my opinions expressed here are my own. I only show products that I truly like. I am not liable for any damage, harm, or money loss you may have taken from my opinion. I am not responsible for missing or delayed information. Everything is presented on an as-is basis. I welcome comments on my articles, but reserve the right to delete them if necessary (e.g. rude, inappropriate, or abusive).

Please feel free to share and copy my art work, but please give me the credit for my work and link back to my blog. None of my articles, photos or other content may be used for commercial purposes. If you like to use it for commercial reasons, please contact me. I’m sure we can figure something out.

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I’m using affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission when you use my links to shop at no extra cost for you! Being part of a Design Team includes free products that are used during the Design Team term. All the products that I’m using for creating my projects are used because I like the product and the company. I would never recommend something that I don’t like.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me 🙂

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  1. Hey there!!
    Followed you over from “Art Journaling for Beginners” on fb,

    Thank you so much for the vid, and it looks like it is the first of a series? If I understand correctly. I really do appreciate you taking your time to illustrate these techniques.

    I read you’re from Germany, how long have you been over here? Are you still in CA? My husband and I traveled Germany a few years ago and I fell in love… I live in Minnesota and an old building here would be our country church , maybe, 120 years old. The date on some of the buildings amazed me. I LOVED Triberg and purchasing my cuckoo clock in the black forest. I will surely be following your vids!! Thanks again.

    btw, are you content living here , in the US? I’m just curious 🙂

    • Hi Dawn! Yes, I’m still in the US and am not planning on leaving anytime soon 🙂
      I’m so happy that my videos help others and inspire them to get crafty. I learned so much from YouTube and crafters that take their time to explain techniques and share their love for crafting. Creating videos on my own is just my way to give back.

      The south of Germany is really pretty. I love all the old castles down there. If you ever get the chance to travel to Germany again I can recommend the North as well. Berlin has a lot of history and the harbor in Hamburg is amazing in the summer.

      Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment here, I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Hi,
    What does HolyLise mean?

    • Well, that’s a little longer story. To keep it somewhat short, it’s from my high school years. One of the students came up with a system of names for his phone book and that was his name for me. I don’t know when and how exactly he ended up calling me Lise, but “Holy” is because I’m baptized. I kind of liked and it kept over the years for names in computer games and now for my blog 🙂

  3. Sabine und Ralph

    Wir sind schwer beeindruckt!

  4. I’d like to follow your blog and get notifications when you post but can’t find a subscribe button. Did I miss it?

    • I was looking for a subscribe button and couldn’t find one either!

    • Hi Linda, hi Patty, I don’t have one… Sorry 🙁
      I guess it’s about time to put one into place. Till I figured out how to do that,you can add my blog to Feedly, if you use it. Or follow me on Instagram or Facebook – usually I post my cards with a link to the blog.

      • Ha, I figured it out! Now I have an email subscribe button on my blog 🙂
        Feel free to join and you’ll get notifications whenever I publish a new blog post.

        Still crazy to me that someone actually would want that, lol 😉

  5. I just found you through video that Justine did. I am so happy that I clicked on the link to your blog! Loved the oxide ink comparison. I LOVED the art journal series. I’ve been putzing with my journal for the last few years. I’d love it if you’d expand more on how you create yours. I’ve watched a lot of Dyan’s videos and just love her product! Can’t wait to see more of your videos and you work1

    • Thanks so much, Patty! Dyan really got me going with art journaling. I learned so much from her. I found several other amazing artists since then and I just can’t stop with creating new pages 😛
      I’m so glad that you enjoyed my tutorials and that you feel encouraged to give it another try 😛

  6. I enjoyed the technique you shared on the Distress Oxide inks. I found you through Catherine Pooler.

  7. Hi Fine,

    I really enjoyed meeting you at Nathalie’s class and you and her were so pleasant and loving, it was neat to witness your bubbling and happy personalities.
    I subscribed today to the blog and look forward from receiving rid-bits from you about making art!
    Best of luck,

  8. Hi!! Just came across your work…. I look forward to more!! I think you must be awesome!!!! 🙂

  9. Hi Josefine- so excited that I will get to meet you at INTHEMKNG! Thanks for doing the post on my Journal 🙂 I love how that came out. See you soon!

    • Hi Eileen, thanks so much! I had so much fun working with both designs of your journal die. Can’t wait to see you (and in general to be at InTheMkng 😉 )

  10. So glad I stumbled upon your post on Instagram. Looking forward to seeing what new creations you come up with, and that Gelli pad…gotta get me one. Looks like it is one of those must have crafting tools.

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